Honda TRX500FM6
***** 2017 Honda TRX500FM6 *****

: Powerful engine and great towing capacity

: Manual model with independent rear suspension

: Handlebar mounted 50-watt light operates independently of front headlights

For 2015 Honda has extended its 500cc ATV range to include an all new manual shift IRS model. This TRX500FM6 IRS stands along side the TRX500FM2 solid rear axle model in the 2015 model range and for the first time gives Honda customers the choice of either IRS or solid rear axle and power steering in the 500cc manual ATV segment.

The TRX500FM6 Rubicon comes with the same power plant, front diff locking system and digital multi function dash (with clock and maintenance minder) as the current TRX500FM range. The new TRX500FM6 also features the increased payload limits of the 500cc IRS range. Front and rear rack limits of 45kg and 85kg respectively and a larger towing capacity of 600kg.

TRX 500 TRX500 500FM6 500FM TRX500FM FM
Price $18,590
Make: Honda
Model: TRX500FM6
Year: 2017
Type: Quad
CC: 475
Stock #: TRX500 FM6
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