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What ever your motorcycling needs we have you covered at Langlands Honda.

We specialise in all new Honda motorcycles, including ATV, road, trail and moto-cross. We also have an excellent range of second hand motorcycles - all makes and models.

We have a full range of parts, accessories and protective clothing in stock – and if we don’t have it we can get it.

We have a full workshop and service department available 6 days a week at very competitive rates and we also offer on-farm ATV servicing.

Bike care tips

Most coolants have a maximum in use life of 2 years and is often overlooked, if your bike is running hotter than normal have it tested and replaced.  Not only does it cool your engine it also inhibits rust and corrosion as well as lubricating water pump seals and shafts.


Brakes performing properly?

With many bikes being parked up, things deteriorate overtime.  Brake fluid is one of these things that will deteriorate due to its hygroscopic nature and a damp winter so have it replaced before you hit the road this summer and be safer with brakes that perform properly.


Battery Maintenance

 Here are 3 tips for getting the most out of your motorbike battery; this applies to your Quad battery as well.

 Tip 1

 Keep individual cells in your battery filled to the correct level and the more you use your bike the more frequently you should check it.  More and more bikes and quads are …….. and have moved away from this type of battery and are now using a sealed battery.  Check with your us if it is possible to use this type of battery if you still have the lead/acid unsealed individual cell type.

 Tip 2

 Remove your battery from your bike if you won’t be using it for extended periods of time and store it in a warm environment, preferably warmer than 18 degrees Celsius.  Do not leave it sitting on your shed bench through winter.

 Tip 3

 Correct charging of the battery while it is in storage is of the upmost importance.  Everyday your battery is not charging it is discharging, so it is desirable to have it at or near full charge when it is out of the bike.  This can easily be achieved with one of the many different types of trickle charging smart chargers on the market nowadays.  This will monitor your batteries condition and automatically charge when your battery discharges to a certain point and stop charging when the full charge is reached. 

 With this sort of basic care you could expect three to five years use from your battery.  If you suspect problems with your battery, bring it into Langlands Service Workshop and we will be happy to charge it and load test it for your free of charge and advise you on possible cause and remedy.