Honda CRF50F
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Honda s CRF50F - probably the worlds most popular beginner bike and it s easy to see why.
Its bulletproof engine develops smooth, easy to use power, a three speed transmission with automatic clutch is kid friendly, and a tough suspension stands up to the use (and abuse!) of first-time riders. The CRF50F is also parent friendly, with features like an adjustable throttle limiter so you can tailor the power to your youngster s skills. That kind of thoughtful engineering, long term overall quality and a whole lot more are what make the CRF50F a Honda.

Getting the right start makes all the difference in life: eating the right food, going to the right school, learning the right lessons, establishing the right values. Its no different when it comes to motorcycling. Starting a rider off early introduces them to something they can enjoy forever. And starting them off right pays dividends for decades to come.

So when its time to get your young rider on his or her first bike, make sure you choose a machine that gives them all the advantages. And for hundreds of thousands of riders, the best choice is a Honda CRF50F.

The CRF50F offers up an ideal combination of features: Its tough, reliable four-stroke engine develops smooth, easy-to-use power. Its three-speed transmission uses an automatic clutch, so a rider learns to shift, but never has to worry about stalling. Its tough suspension stands up to youthful enthusiasm. And for adults, the CRF50F makes sense too: an adjustable throttle limiter lets you tailor the power to the appropriate skill level, and the proven reliability means more time riding and less time taken up by maintenance and repairs.

Your kids will remember their first motorcycle forever. And theres no better way to make those good memories than by putting them on a Honda CRF50F.

Honda CRF50 is suitable for a 5-7 year old child, approximate height range 92 - 116 cms.

Training wheels available for just $310.00
Price $2,394
Make: Honda
Model: CRF50F
Year: 2017
Type: Off Road
CC: 49
Stock #: CRF50 F
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