Honda CRF250R
***** 2017 Honda CRF250R *****

: Engine, suspension, and intake overhauled for 2017

Honda motorcycles have won just about every racing championship on the planet. By innovating, and offering the best machines in class. The 2017 CRF250R is a great example of that race winning pedigree.

Racing can be challenging, rewarding, heartbreaking, and intensely satisfyingall in the same weekend! It has a way of separating the best from the rest in a way everyone can see. Itll make you dig deep and bring your best game to the gatebecause you can be sure the other guy is doing just that. And racing is no different for a company, either. Our engineers have to work hard to bring you the best bikes in the class, and its all on the line when that start gate drops. And thats exactly why you should be on a Honda CRF250R.

The CRF250R is a finely-honed racing machine, but since its a Honda its also one of the most rider-friendly bikes you can find. Just look at how many privateers roll up to the track with a Honda in the back of their truck. Our 2017 model features a powerful, compact Unicam engine with a high-lift cam and titanium intake and exhaust valves. The unique twin-muffler exhaust keeps the bikes weight and center of mass symmetrical, so the handling is unmatched. A Showa air fork makes the CRF250R easy to fine-tune at the track, and the fully adjustable Showa rear suspension likewise lets you dial the bike in fast.

Wanna win? This is the bike you want to ride. The 2017 Honda CRF250Rthe machine that can make it happen for you.
Price $11,990
Make: Honda
Model: CRF250R
Year: 2017
Type: Off Road
CC: 249
Stock #: CRF250R
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