Honda CB500X
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****** 2017 Honda CB500X ******

: Easy to drive, extremely maneuverable

: Fuel Efficient and great for adventure and touring

: Available in White or Brown.

You may also like the CBR500R ($12,795) and the CB500F ($12,295). All three models share the same engine.

You know that old saying? Life is what happens as youre making plans? Its the same thing with adventure. Hey, we all have to work. We all have bills to pay. But ever notice how some folks manage to squeeze a whole lotta fun in regardless? Like the folks who ride motorcyclesespecially bikes like the Honda CB500X.

There are lots of great bikes in Hondas 2017 lineup, but the CB500X is one of our favorites. Why? Because it does so much so well. You get plenty of performance, thanks to the torquey 471cc parallel-twin DOHC engine. The CB500Xs upright handlebar naturally accommodates a wide variety of riders. Heading out on a longer trip? You can adjust the compact windscreen to varying heights, and the larger-capacity fuel tank is carefully shaped to give the rider an unrestricted riding position. Best of all, you dont have to save up for 20 years to afford one. So while those other guys and gals are saving and planning, you can be out riding.

CB 500 X F R CBR adventure touring 500X
Price $12,795
Make: Honda
Model: CB500X
Year: 2017
Type: Dual Purpose
CC: 471
Stock #: CB500X
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